Saturday, April 02, 2005

New Beginnings

I am a writer who keeps random thoughts about life in margins of my Bibles, on gum wrappers and bazillion scraps of paper. So, here I go. I plan to keep track of my thoughts in this blog. Rein them in so I have fodder for my newspaper column, appearing on Fridays in The Courier, Conroe, Tx.

I also want to jot down new insights about life or God or good wording that I read from other writers who sometimes cast lovely thoughts my way. Refreshing the gray areas. I'll probably post my goals, attainments and failures. Hmm. I'll see which list fills up the fastest.

This evening, I'll try to get this rebellious house under control. If only the dust bunnies would go on strike for a week. Mom and Dad have needed extra help this week due to her surgery, so the scum level here has risen.

For the next few weeks the traditional spring cleaning will take place. I feel quite brave. During this homemaker ritual, my daughter Sheryle talked me into throwing out my wedding gown several years ago. The 37 going on 38 marriage is vitally intact, so feeling rather gutsy the lace and tulle went to Goodwill. We'll see what I can disentangle my emotions from this spring. I want to throw out things in order to have more time to spend with people and writing.

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