Friday, October 14, 2005

News from India reader about Pakistan

Terrible Scenes (First hand information from the quake hit areas)

I am on the wayback to homeland from the land of devastation. Terrible scenes I have seen. Both my body and mind are so upset. I am unable to describe, but feeling.... Is it the shadow of the hell. There are still having earthquakes.

I brought some bundles of food packets and old clothes. I thought I can distribute them one by one. But I couldn't. Before that, the hungry people jumped over it, took the packets grabbing and ate it like anything. Really I was not feeling well, because of the journey, climate and heavy rain. When I saw the people eating food packets, I forgot my illness and I could not control my tears.

Just two ago relief works started at more than 10 villages. Defence people taking control of it. There are many more villages yet to start relief works. Those areas are at the elevation of 8300 to 9000 feet. The smelling of the dead bodies, no helps for the injured people, rest of the people are attacked by the diseases, starvation, and creatures and insects all around.

In a village there are few believers of Jesus Christ. (99% of the entire area is muslims. They are having so much influence with the terrorist groups. So ours (Salem Voice Ministries: is a hidden ministry for teaching the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. I cannot say the details, because of the security reasons of our believers as well as ministers). By God's grace nobody died from the believers. But most of them injured and lost everything. Our volunteers are doing best sevice as much as they can. It is quiet natural that they face neglection from others, even at the need of relief. Prayer supports from the children of our Lord is badly...... badly....... very badly needed. I cannot express more words. Act as the Holy ! Spirit speaks.

Yours in the love of Messiah Yeshua

Pastor Paul Ciniraj
Salem Voice Ministries.

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