Friday, May 04, 2007

Pig Trails and Highways

Recently, a surveyor told us that his field crew often machetes their way onto dense undergrowth properties. Have you ever walked into the woods when you had to push limbs out of the way and step through brush cover? With no path visible did it look as though your feet were the first to tread that section of earth?

Years ago, in pasture lands, the cows might have been the first to make tracks as they walked to watering holes. Cow trails snake all over our farm. In most of those areas, the cows have hoofed the grass and wild rose bushes down to a bare dirt lane.

I prefer a path that’s been walked before.

The book of Esther reminded me how God sees around bends in the road. While I have no foreknowledge of exactly what will happen in the days ahead, God does. Again and again in the Bible, I see God walking two steps, ten years, and centuries ahead to arrange future events to meet his children’s needs.

Esther’s early placement in the palace to intercede for the Jews doomed for annihilation; Daniel the dream interpreter placed in the court of King Darius: the deceiver Jacob allowed to escape Esau’s wrath — all walked down a specific road because God directed their futures.

When teaching his followers how to pray, Jesus told them, “[Y]our Father knows what you need before you ask him” (Matthew 6:8). In my own life, I’ve found this to be true. And another Houston family did, too.

Preacher Ron Hill had kidney failure and needed a kidney transplant. The usual testing of family members began, and his 36-year-old son was found to be a perfect match. You might ask, what’s so unusual about that? His son Tony was adopted 36 years earlier. God walked ahead of this godly family and prepared for an advance need.

When you turn the next calendar page, know that God extends his hand, take hold and follow him. Brambles and briars or a smooth cement walkway may wait around the corner of tomorrow.

Give thanks because God lives in today and tomorrow. He knows your needs. He is watching.

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