Monday, February 11, 2008

Free books

Multnomah sent me two free copies of Rattled as give-aways. Leave a comment, and I'll enter your name into a drawing to win a copy. Tell your friends to drop by and read Trish's interview. I'm a grandmother and reading the book to review on Amazon. Good, honest, faith-filled, down-to-earth stuff for Moms of all ages.

My favorite line so far page 89, "Even though your baby doesn't come with an instruction manual, you get something better: God is right beside you, whispering motherhood into your soul."

Oh, and I really like the "Food for Thought" Sidebar (easily spotted on the pages because a baby bottle accompanies the wisdom). It's full of helpful, motivating stats. Did you know the average person received nearly 50,000 pieces of mail in a lifetime? I wonder how many trees that equates to?


  1. I would love to read this book! As a CBE and doula, we find mom's to be ill-equipped for the first year of babies life - this important time of life and family dynamic changes.

  2. Nicole,

    You are so right. I know that I was not well prepared for motherhood when my first baby was born.

    And yes, the family dynamic changes dramatically once that baby comes home.

    My hope is that Rattled will help moms realize they are not alone, and that it will give them some basic survival techniques, helping them simplify the small stuff, and truoly enjoy motherhood.

    Thanks so much for your post, Nicole...

    Blessings-Trish Berg