Friday, April 03, 2009

Untie the Colt

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Two strangers walked up to the donkey, untying it from the hitching post. Astounded, the owners watched while the two men unknotted the leather strap in bright daylight. How brazen! Most thieves preferred moonless nights for rustling cattle.

The owners approached, not accusing of theft, but asking, “Why are you untying our colt?”

The only answer the two men gave, “The Savior needs it.”

When the owners heard the reply, they signaled OK, and Jesus’ disciples walked away, leash in hand, colt in tow. When they reached Jesus, they threw their garments over the colt, as a makeshift saddle blanket.

While reading chapter 19 of Luke, a few new lessons emerged for me. Jesus had told two of his followers to go to a nearby village where they would see a tethered donkey colt. Jesus’ instructions were to “untie the colt,” and “if anyone asks what you are doing, just say, ‘The Savior needs it.’”

From the text, several phrases kept bleeping back into mind. “Untie the colt” is one. When I get wrapped up in my tiny world, binding myself to too many possessions and unhealthy obsessions, the Lord calls me to let go for the kingdom’s sake.

The “colt” and the disciples’ “garments” is a second reminder. Pooled resources underwrote the Lord’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. A colt willingly given and disciples’ garments spread upon its back were combined gifts that ushered the Savior into the city where he received deserved praise and recognition.

In Jerusalem some loved Jesus and some didn’t. One day, a group of hundreds became a welcome committee shouting “Hosanna” and lining the path with small branches. A few days later, denouncing rings of “Crucify him” echoed in the streets. Human nature is mirrored in the contrast.

Inviting a miracle worker into my needy life is easy. Dedicating my resources to the miracle worker’s cause is more difficult. On the same day Jesus’ disciples borrowed the donkey, a chorus of praise rang out for King Jesus. Several sunsets later, Jesus’ innocent blood seeped into the soil outside the city gates.

What do I need to losen my grip from, so I may be a devoted servant to the Savior, the kind who gives him the praise and recognition he deserves?

“Untie the colt and bring it here” resonates in my heart. Because “the Savior needs it” is the call I’m hearing.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday.

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