Friday, September 23, 2005

4:08 Central Standard Time

It seems as if Rita is changing her mind, for the moment. One computer model has her going in at Louisana, others still Texas.

My hubby used his straps and chains, for securing 18-wheeler-flatbed loads, and looped them around the rafters in our barns and anchored them to equipment parked inside. He always thinks of inventive ways to help out.

I haven't seen our cows in two days. They know something is coming. There's several creeks on the farm and the farm bridge has three cement culverts tall enough for us to stand up in. Dave's 6'4". We've always thought they'd be a good place to shelter from tornadoes, but their sidekick of rains might prevent using them. We 're surrounded by pine trees and tall oaks, so we don't have the advantage of sighting tornadoes. We have to rely on TV news to let us know one is headed our way.

A tiny lime green tree frog was behind the thermometer on the porch when I was moving everything inside the garage. Sure hated to disturb him.

9:00 PM--Rain started. Gusting winds. Spotted the cows. Had birthday cake with son. With a strong gust of wind, he blew out his candles. My son and I both cried the moment he was born.

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