Saturday, September 24, 2005

We made it

We're safe and all our family is well. At 2:00 PM Saturday, the sun has peeked out. We're only getting local coverage, so we don't know how much damage was done to the folks in the direct path of the storm.

One family member is a police officer and expects to be on duty for several days. Officials want Southeast Texans to stagger their returns. Most Houston schools are closed until Wednesday.

Thank you for your prayers. We're in good shape here, a few limbs down, but all is good.

We had family strewn through the house in odd roosts. At 2:45 AM this morning my birthday-son was in the recliner next to me; I was stretched out on the sofa. The wind and rain Rita-brew were mixing with our hot humid air. Gales began. I reached out and touched my firstborn and reminded him that 35 years ago, I was in a hospital bed and he was in a crib beside me. A nice moment. A genuinely nice son.

When did we flip all those calendar pages? Where did the time go?

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  1. Dear Cathy, what a precious precious thought. It reminds me of a preacher's illustration of a contest for artists to illustrate peace.One art work was a beautiful peacefull looking place.The other was a branch hanging over a raging torrent of a waterfall and rapids. In the branch was a bird nest with a mother bird sitting on her young. Peace in the midst of the storm.

    Glad to hear you all are safe and sound.