Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Heart Beat

Tonight in our women's Bible class, about 23 women circled up to pray and we held hands. A newcomer was with us, Judy*. A victim of hurricane Katrina, she and her husband, and two children, one a teen and one a pre-teen were "adopted" by our congregation. Our congregation, Conroe Church of Christ, is caring for a total of nine families.

My right hand clasped Judy's * and my left hand linked with a longtime member. At different times during the prayer, I felf both of their heart pulses against my palms.

For me, the experience symbolized what Christianity is all about. Humanity is linked in many ways, but the one that counts the most is the sibling factor in Christ. He is my older brother, the firstborn; I have many brothers and sisters, and Christ wants more family members.

Jesus especially wants me to feel the pulse of my neighbor's life.

*name changed to provide anonymity

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