Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mark, Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

Verses1-11, the triumphal entry

The crowd created great fanfare when Jesus entered Jerusalem. Within a week, they went from palm waving and shouting praises to screaming Crucify him! Crucify him! Is your devotion to Christ growing? Sometimes it’s easier to talk in general terms about God to others, how often do you speak and honor the name of Jesus?

Verses 12-26, Jesus cleanses the temple, the withered fig tree

In these two combined sections the fig tree without fruit shrivels at Jesus’ command and the Gentile court is cleansed of the buyers and sellers. Compare the purpose of the fig tree, the temple, and your God-ordained purpose.

What “aside” lesson is taught when Peter pointed out the withered fig tree?

Verses 27-33, the authority of Jesus questioned

Why did Jesus refuse to answer the question of the elders, chief priests, and the teachers of the law?

Summary Thought: I find it significant that in the context of cleansing the temple that Jesus calls people back to the original purpose of his house—that it would be called a house of prayer for all nations. This is why he is moving toward the cross so all may kneel there.

Prayer Endings: In the name of Jesus, the cornerstone of a new house (vs. 17). In the name of Jesus who said: ask, believe, receive (vs. 24).

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