Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mark, Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

Verses 1-11, Jesus anointed at Bethany

Mark says Jesus’ dinner host was described or known as “Simon, the Leper.” If folk referred to you with a description what might they tag you with in your story on earth? Who is the woman who anointed Jesus (John 12:3)?

Verses 12-26, the Lord’s Supper

Compare the long ago events of Passover to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus (Exodus 12).

Verses 27-31, Jesus predicts Peter’s denial

Here Jesus says Peter will deny his relationship with Jesus. After Jesus’ resurrection, he addresses Peter and teaches him about real allegiance and God’s kind of love. Read about this encounter at the Sea of Tiberius (John 21:15-19). What touches you as you read?

Verses 32-42, Gethsemane

“Gethsemane” means olive press. This was a location where the olive harvest was processed—where oil came from the end of the harvest. What does the symbolism of the place where Jesus prayed mean to you? What pressed upon Jesus in this place? What does the word “cup” represent in Jesus’ earnest plea? What eventual sustenance for all mankind came through Jesus’ prayer-struggle in Gethsemane?

Verses 33-51, Jesus arrested

The original says that Judas “kissed him much”—, that he produced deceptive over-the-top acting to show that he really loved Jesus. Verse 51 probably refers to Mark, a young man (possibly around 15 years old) wearing only a linen garment. The soldiers seized him and he fled naked into the night—Judas had a bare soul and Mark a bare body. What does this verse mean to you—Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 13:14)?

Verses 53-65, before the Sanhedrin

Here, the Son of the Blessed One, our current High Priest is confronted by a tainted high priest of the Jews. What laws did he break when he tore his clothes (Lev. 21:10)?

Verses 66-72, Peter disowns Jesus

Is there a difference to you between the words “denies” and “disowns.”

Summary Thought: Stark contrasts are revealed in this chapter between fake follower Judas, the vacillating-follower Peter, and the steadfast, love-driven, God-obeying Jesus.

Prayer Endings: In the name of Jesus, who still cries Abba Father for me (vs. 36). In the name of Jesus, who sets the example of keeping silent at appropriate times (vs. 61).

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