Friday, May 28, 2010

Mark, Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

Verses 1-15, Jesus before Pilate

Here, Jesus is bound, questioned, accused of wrongs, and yet, he remained silent. Pilate is amazed. How did Jesus’ silence set him apart from ordinary prisoners?

Verses 16-20, the soldiers mock Jesus

The irreverent whole company of soldiers, stripped Jesus naked, clothed him with a purple robe, crowned him with thorns, shouted to him as a king, repeatedly hit his head with a staff, spit on him, and fell on their knees in false worship. Stripped of the purple robe, they put Jesus’ seamless tunic back on him. Compare the silent Lamb of God—robed with the honor of obedience to his father—to the sham soldiers. What might a Roman think when he read Mark’s account nearly 100 years later?

Verses 21-32, the crucifixion

On the cross, the extreme physical suffering plus verbal abuse continued. Also crushing the spirit of The Anointed One was my and your sins, and God-in-One would pray forgive them. Consider the total depravity of man and the extravagant love of God.

Verses 33-41, the death of Jesus

Is it any wonder that the lights of heaven darkened during the last hours of Jesus’ cross bearing? Take a look at each person or group mentioned as being near the cross. Who were they and what purpose did they have in being nearby?

Verses 42-47, the burial of Jesus

Describe Joseph of Arimathea’s position and probably mindset.

Summary Thought: Throughout the horrific events of this chapter, Jesus remains distinct in his behavior and true to his calling to become the firstborn son.

Prayer Endings: In the name of Jesus who recognizes false worship (vs. 19). In the name of Jesus, who capably rebuilds human temples (vs. 29).

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