Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mark, Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve

Verses 1-12, parable of the tenants

Earlier parables about the kingdom were not understood by the crowds, possibly allowing them time to discover and ponder the underlying message. Cloaked in another story was a cryptic message about the Jewish leaders plotting to kill Jesus, but they clearly understood he spoke of them. Why?

Verses 13-17, paying taxes to Caesar

Give back to Caesar what is Caesars and give back to God what is God’s. How do you live this out in your life?

Verses 18-27, marriage at the resurrection

Duplicity seems to be inherent in folk who serve self interests. What deceit do you see in verse 18 and the question posed to Jesus (verses 19-23)?

Verses 28-34, the greatest commandment

This teacher of the law asks a sincere question. After Jesus’ reply, he made a statement about the teacher. What was Jesus’ observation and what do you think it meant?

Verses 35-40, whose son is the Christ?

As Jesus taught in the temple courts, the large crowd listened to him with delight. What is different about Jesus’ teaching and the pride-filled, iron rule of the Jewish leaders?

Verses 41-44, the widow’s offering

Jesus watched the crowd put money into the temple treasury. Although his human eyes took in the gestures and amounts, what was he really measuring?

Summary Thought: Jesus was recognized as a man of integrity even by those who opposed him because it was obvious that he did not operate on the opinions men had of him (vs. 14).

Prayer Endings: In the name of Jesus the God of the living (vs. 26-27); In the name of glorious Jesus, the capstone of my life (vs. 10).

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