Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mark, Chapter NIne

Chapter Nine

Verses 1-13, the transfiguration

Jesus introduced three of his disciples to members of his heavenly family: Moses and Elijah. This was a premier private event that would help the disciples’ later understand the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus—a lot to ponder as they descended the mountain.

Verses 14-32, the healing of a boy with an evil spirit

Jesus said to the boy’s father, Everything is possible to him who believes. Has the father’s astute prayer ever been your prayer: I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief? What were your circumstances?

Verses 33-37, who is the greatest?

Jesus taught the Twelve how to welcome God by standing a child among them? Why was the lesson needed? What did he teach?

Verses 38-41, whoever is not against us is for us

Write in practical terms what these four verses say to you?

Verses 42-50, causing to sin

What extreme examples does Jesus use to illustrate the seriousness of sin’s infectious hold on a life?

Summary Thought: The necessary busyness of Jesus is prevalent in the book of Mark. Thousands follow for bread, and space around Jesus is a nightmare emergency clinic, demons are tossed out of hosts, Elijah and Moses re-visit Earth, and the disciples rehash childhood dreams of “Me first.” No wonder Jesus makes sure to get his disciples away from the crowds, alone to teach them. Have you learned the lesson of being refreshed with Jesus away from crowds (vs. 30)?

Prayer Endings: Blessed Jesus, in memory of your salt and peace, make me like you (vs. 50); In the name of Jesus who took children in his arms, may we teach our little ones to honor you (vs. 36).

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